KS DB Merge Tools
for Microsoft Access
aka AccdbMerge
for SQL Server
aka MssqlMerge
for MySQL
for SQLite

What's New

1.15.0, 2020-01-26
- Free & Pro: Data diff - show NULL values explicitely
- Free & Pro: Data diff - grid interaction performance improvements
- Free & Pro: Unknown error dialog
1.14.2, 2020-01-11
- Free & Pro: Recent projects - added tooltip text
- Free & Pro: Recent projects - fixed history logic on loading project with already loaded other side
- Free: Recent projects - fix saving
1.14.1, 2019-12-24
- Free & Pro: Project tab - added 'Recent projects' bottom panel
1.14.0, 2019-12-18
- Free & Pro: Support computed column definitions, exclude them from merge statements
- Free & Pro: Fix missing seconds fractional part for datetime & datetime2 data scripts
- Pro: Introduced scripting support, MssqlMergeCmd.exe, initial version for data processing
- Pro: Batch data diff - added DL columns (foreign key dependency level)
- Pro: Data merge warning dialog (to process all pages)
- Pro: Settings - added Data Diff 'merge all pages' settings
- Pro: Settings dialog - fixed truncated window bottom
1.12.1, 2019-11-27
- Free & Pro: Data diff - fix diff & merge for table data of user-defined data type (for example nvarchar custom type data could be shown as byte array)
- Free & Pro: Data diff - fix 'key not found' error for tables with hierarchyid primary key
- Free & Pro: Reading table definitions - fallback to 'unknown' data type if column type is not recognized (instead of skipping column)
1.12.0, 2019-11-24
- Free & Pro: Diff-only support for user-defined data types
- Free & Pro: Object list - Alt+C shortcut for 'Compare selected' option
- Free & Pro: Execute script dialog - update underlying tab right after Run (and before Close)
- Free & Pro: Making 'failed to load some objects' error as modal
- Free & Pro: Improved handling of some msdbs file open errors
- Free & Pro: Fix spelling for 'One or two files should be selected' error
- Pro: Data diff - fix first/next change navigation across pages (was jumping to 1st row no page)
- Pro: Excel - fix always-plus "exists in" value for object list
- Pro: Allow batch data diff only if both projects loaded
- Free: Fix error text on trying to compare uncomparable tables
1.11.2, 2019-08-02
- Pro: Custom data diff - fix failure to specify right column with name missing in the list of left columns
- Pro: Query key columns dialog - don't show if there are no columns to choose
1.11.1, 2019-07-16
- Free & Pro: Online help on F1 keyboard shortcut
- Free & Pro: Deny visual (not actual) object/row deletion from some data grids (object list, data diff, query result diff, custom data diff)
- Free & Pro: Find tab - acceleration keys, Alt+S (search for), Alt+L (left project) Alt+R (right project), Alt+W (match whole word), Alt+C (match case)
- Free & Pro: Rename field -> column in UI (data diff tab, query result diff tab, query key columns dialog, custom data diff dialog)
- Free & Pro: Execute script dialog - minor fix for IDENTITY_INSERT layout
- Free & Pro: Minor tooltip text update for select all/none actions
- Free & Pro: Activation dialog - help text minor updates
- Free: Data diff - allow sorting only on single-column primary key (was broken in 1.10.0)
- Free: Object list - hide bottom panel (was broken in 1.11.0)
1.11.0, 2019-06-11
- Free & Pro: Tab icons
- Free & Pro: Project panel object type icons
- Free & Pro: Dynamic tab header width
- Free & Pro: Some tab-specific actions moved to the separate toolbar
- Pro: Object list - text diff preview in the bottom (except indexes)
- Pro: Settings - 'max tab header width' on Appearance tab
- Pro: 'Trim trailing semicolon' text diff option
- Pro: Disable 'Compare selecteed' for table indexes (currently can't be supported)
1.10.4, 2019-06-02
- Pro: 'Trim trailing semicolon' text diff option
1.10.3, 2019-05-25
- Free & Pro: show loaded project names in application title
- Pro: Query result diff - fix STA error for basic and customized field mappings
- Pro: Query result diff - fix error on row selection by space
- Pro: Query diff view - remove "no paging" label (AccdbMerge artefact)
1.10.2, 2019-04-17
- Pro: Diff overview in scrollbar (for object list, data diff, text diff, batch data diff, query result diff)
- Pro: Data diff - fix sorting (was broken by background processing)
- Pro: Batch data diff - fix some jump prev/next issues related to sorting
1.10.1, 2019-03-28
- Pro: fix 'open new instance' for password authentication
1.10.0, 2019-03-20
- Free & Pro: Data diff - run in background
- Free & Pro: Project reload warning and options
- Free & Pro: Zoom button splinted into separate zoom in / zoom out buttons
- Free & Pro: Improved processing of unexpected failures
- Pro: Batch data diff - column sorting
- Pro: Settings - new 'Appearance' tab with 'Don't resize toolbar on application zoom' option
- Pro: Command line - /srv /db /user /psw keys support (with Left/Right suffix each)
1.9.7, 2019-02-24
- Free & Pro: Improved database object reading error handling
- Free & Pro: Read and show WITH ENCRIPTION objects names with blocked definition link
- Free & Pro: Fix 'Microsoft.SqlServer.Types' data diff error
- Free & Pro: Don't try to load user-defined table types for 2005
- Free & Pro: Database open dialog - remember last server names, 'use both' and 'display password' flags
- Pro: Fix missing trigger text from per-table drilldown
- Pro: Don't consider trigger changes to identify table change (the same as for Free, trigger changes listed separately on Project tab)
- Pro: Fixed triggers drop script
- Pro: fixed object list/count refresh after trigger import/deletion
- Free: Relaxed data diff limitation - allow all supported data types and two-column primary keys
- Free: Object list - fixed blocked by-mouse selection of the top item in list
1.9.6, 2019-02-06
- Free & Pro: Open dialog usability fixes (tab order, saving Save/Load expanded state)
- Free & Pro: Start license dialog keyboard navigation improvements, updated Help text
1.9.5, 2018-10-27
- Free & Pro: Object list merge - fix hide of other object types
- Pro: Query result diff - remove command timeout, show execution time, add Field Mapping button, add access keys
- Pro: Batch data diff - add access keys, add F5 shortcut to Run
1.9.4, 2018-10-25
- Free & Pro: Project tab - use grid to show counts
- Free & Pro: Improve database reading performance
- Free & Pro: Project tab - 'reload' action
1.9.3, 2018-10-16
- Free & Pro: Object list - 'Compare selected' and 'Replace' commands
1.9.2, 2018-10-14
- Pro: Quick filter (Alt+F) for Object List and Batch Data Diff
- Free & Pro: Data diff - 'Case insensitive' and 'Ignore whitespace' string compare options
- Free & Pro: Misc. keyboard manupulation improvements (switch panes, selection from object list, data diff, batch data diff)
- Pro: Batch Data Diff - more responsive progress
- Pro: fix 'Selected fields are not unique in the left project' message for error on the right project
1.9.1, 2018-09-25
- Pro: Fix triggers loading
1.9.0, 2018-09-11
- Pro: Initial user-defined table types support (diff only)
- Free & Pro: Project panel - added DIFF ONLY tip for non-mergeable object types
- Free & Pro: Fix error on record selection column click
- Pro: Fix project load failure if tables and/or triggers are not chosen to load
- Pro: Indexes - fixed DESC reading
- Pro: Query result diff - disable 'show new/changed' actions if there is no execution result
1.8.2, 2018-07-26
- Free & Pro: Main window zoom
- Free & Pro: Fix disabled toolbar button state until any click after single database load
- Pro: Center by main window 'Settings' and 'Custom Data Diff' dialogs
- Free: *.msdbs files support
- Free: Deny 'navigate changes' keyboard shortcut (Pro feature, was available by mistake)
1.8.1, 2018-07-18
- Pro: Settings - 'Database Open' tab. Specify object types to load and filter by name/schema
1.8.0, 2018-07-09
- Pro: Table unique constraints support
- Pro: Indexes - fixed export crash from object list
1.7.0, 2018-07-02
- Pro: Table indexes support
- Free & Pro: Text diff - show line numbers
- Pro: Text diff - sync horizontal scroll in bottom panel
1.6.0, 2018-02-15
- Pro: Check constraints support
- Pro: Default constraints support
1.5.1, 2018-01-25
- Pro: Project tab - drilldown to batch data diff
1.5.0, 2017-11-23
- Free & Pro: Object lists - adjust Name column width to take more available space
- Pro: Foreign keys support
1.4.0, 2017-09-27
- Free & Pro: Text diff options (ignore case, ignore whitespaces)
1.3.5, 2017-03-10
- Free & Pro: Fix broken batch selection in table diff
- Free & Pro: Fix data diff&merge for tables using reserved MSSQL keywords
- Free & Pro: Fix application title in 'about license' window
- Pro: Query result diff - no key mapping by default
- Free: Fix unsupported data types message
1.3.4, 2016-11-11
- Free & Pro: Improve DB loading performance (including parallel loading)
1.3.3, 2016-11-01
- Free & Pro: Improve DB loading performance
- Pro: Query result diff - show scroll bars for query text if needed
1.3.2, 2016-09-15
- Free & Pro: Using square brackets for fields in data merge statements
1.3.1, 2016-05-19
- Free & Pro: Added some shortcuts
- Free & Pro: Project tab - added new+changed count
- Free & Pro: freeze row selection column
- Free & Pro: fix identity detection for non-dbo tables
- Free & Pro: fix PK constraint name for tables with spaces
- Free & Pro: fix application hang on Esc in initial choose license window
- Pro: Custom data diff - Merge & Delete
- Pro: ability to adjust field mapping in data diff
- Pro: Query Result Diff - initialize right query text with left one on 'split query'
1.3.0, 2015-09-16
- Free & Pro: "Open database(s)" action performance improvements
- Free & Pro: minor UI and user interaction adjustments
- Pro: query result diff
- Pro: data diff - updated sql_variant comparison logic, take into account value data type
- Pro: query key fields dialog - focus on the list and select first item by default
- Free: ability to get a Pro trial
1.2.0, 2015-02-22
- Free & Pro: data diff & object list - record deletion
- Free & Pro: for narrow data grids - select row on click outside of table columns
- Free & Pro: object list - fix error "'System.Windows.Documents.Run' is not a Visual or Visual3D"
- Free & Pro: close dialogs on Esc
- Free & Pro: minor DB loading progress improvements
- Pro: custom data diff
- Pro: updated comparison logic for geo & sql_variant data types
- Pro: fixed excel output for datetimeoffset, hierarchyid, time and uniqueidentifier
- Pro: batch data diff - combined columns Primary Key & Common Key
- Pro: batch data diff - fixed broken column labels
- Pro: excel export - include DB name in project label
- Pro: object list & batch data diff - move prev/next change
- Pro: batch data diff - show all/new/changed
1.1.0, 2014-12-17
- Pro: data diff for views
- Pro: fixed click on view name from batch data diff (join keys are not required to show the sql text view)
1.0.0, 2014-12-14
- Free & Pro: SQL Azure support
- Free & Pro: object list - fixed "duplicate key" error on selection
- Free & Pro: improved DB connection failure handling
- Free & Pro: installation package
- Pro: batch data diff
- Pro: no data diff limitations
- Pro: Previous/Next change buttons for text diff and data diff
- Pro: selected row diff in the bottom for object list, text diff and data diff
- Pro: changes summary for object list, text diff and data diff
- Pro: paging for data diff
- Pro: drill-down from Find window to the object definition
- Pro: save db settings to *.msdbs files (with command line support)
0.1.5, 2014-09-02
- error handling for objects retrieved by sp_helptext (i.e. all except tables)
- don't try to load CLR functions (they are currently not supported)
0.1.4, 2014-03-26
- data merge
- batch selection for new / changed / new+changed views
- data diff - exclude timestamp values from data comparison
- data diff - detect comparable fields on exact data type equality
0.1.3, 2014-03-12
- initial public version

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